Medical screening is an approach used to identify a disease within a community or within an individual having no signs or symptoms of a particular disease. The goal is to detect a disease, such as cancer or other serious condition early, thus enabling successful treatment and management of the illness. Routine family medical checkups are helpful in determining when screening tests are advised. As Family Practice Clinics, we deliver an array of acute, chronic and preventive medical care services, including routine checkups, health-risk assessments, screening tests and immunization.

Are You Due for Cancer Screening?
  • Breast Examination - Annually for woman over the age of 20
  • Mammogram - Yearly, beginning at age 40 through age 50
  • Pap Test - Every two years for women between 21 and 29 years of age.  Every three years after age 30
  • Stool Blood Testing - Annually, after age 50
  • Sigmoidoscopy / Colonoscopy - Every five years after the age of 50
  • Prostate Examination & PSA Blood Test - Yearly, for men over 50
  • Cancer Check-up - Yealy, after age 40

  • Are You Due for an Osteoporosis Examination?
  • Yearly - For women age 50 and over
  • Yearly - For men age 65 and over (or younger if high risk)

  • Ask about P.A.D. Exams
  • Yearly - Anyone with leg pain or coronary artery disease
  •    Screening Tests - At the Beaver Medical Clinics, we believe medical screening can be a valuable tool among selected patients. For example, a woman with family history of breast cancer should have annual mammograms. In other cases, screening for peripheral artery disease (PAD) can be a very useful diagnostic procedure for patients having a family history of the disease. The screening tests offered at our clinics are the ones most widely accepted within the medical field. We welcome the chance to discuss these tests with you privately.

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